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3 Reasons why Ad Films are the need of the hour for brands & companies

Today 68% audience makes its buying decision post watching a video. Software and App download related decision 79% people have made the decision post watching a video. To add to these promising statistics, with the Covid19, pandemic, social distancing will not allow brands to indulge in physical interactions with their audience. These two situations combined together further compel the brands and companies to interact with their audience. Ad film comes in handy for brands to initiate an engaging interaction with their clients. Today brands realize that their audience does not invest time in carefully reading into their long website pages, brochures etc. Audience expects the brands to address their problem statements instantly. Even if we relate the same theory for the current situation where brands and companies have completely lost physical interaction with their audience. Here are three reasons why brands without ad films won't grow in this competitive environment. Mental Retention - It is a proven fact that mental retention of video compared to Only audio(Radio, Podcast etc ), only Written (Blog, Web) etc is 90% more. Self Explanatory - 76% people watch Ad Film Videos just before they are making an online buying decision. This tells us clearly that when a consumer is making an online purchase decision he/she wants the answers to all queries instantly. Ad films come in handy for brands to make the right communication at the right time. Convincing Power - Experts say 79% of consumers chose brands promotions their products through video over to the same product lines by their competitors without Ad film Videos. This is the main reason why Ad film agency plays a vital role in any brand positioning. To conclude year 2020 will see a surge in ad film production. Purple flicks also help its client to make right kind of ad film.



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