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Animation videos are very interesting films to watch, which is why they are widely accepted and used. These films can be the best option where shooting is not possible, difficult or the subject is complicated. They can be used to cover miniscule details of the subject.

Animation films are of various types, 2D animation films, 3D animation films, Info graphics film, motion graphics, typo graphics, character animation etc.

In animated Films character drawings, paintings or illustrations are photographed frame by frame. Here each frame slightly differs from its adjacent frames. When played at a certain speed, these frames give the illusion of movement.

These videos can be used for designing visualization, instructional films, interactive platforms, corporate branding and stings for live-events. They are ideal for promoting medical procedures, automotive engineering, mechanical functions, real estate etc.

Generally a Walk-through video is very helpful for real estate and infrastructure companies for presentations in situations where the project is under construction or in the nascent stage. It is useful for the perspective client to view the architectural design, details and facilities of the project.

Purple Flicks specializes in producing animation and walk-through videos.




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